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Market open for the week

The market is now open for the week.

Update from Rispoli's Produce

Sorry for the second entry, but we just received an update from Rispoli’s Produce with their availability for this week.

They will have Zucchinis in numerous sizes, small slicing cucumbers and baskets of Gourmet Pickling cucumbers, honey, kale and eggs as usual. And new this week… Red Potatoes, Large Candy Onions,and Garlic.

They would also like us to remind our customers that they are pesticide free and non-GMO and use Organic Fertilizers.

Farm Fresh Goodness at Your Front Door

The Skirted Soldier

has retired “Old Glory” for now, but has introduced their newest blend… “Summer Salute.”

Summer salute orange creme is a refreshing blend of sweet orange Shou Mei white tea, real orange peel pieces and sunflower petals on a vanilla black tea base. She contains ammo (caffeine) and is delicious served hot or on ice. Summer Salute comes complete with 12 servings & 12 diffuser bags.

Green"er" Acres Farm

Our lettuce is currently unavailable, but we have a new batch started and should be available in a few weeks. The raspberries are also currently unavailable, as we are seeing some disease pressure due to frequent rains.

Lots of fresh herbs, to include basil and rosemary, as well as dill and dill flower heads that are amazing to add to freshly made pickles. And don’t forget the radishes, kale, celery, green peppers, green onions, Red Candy Onions, and deliciously different Lemon Cucumbers and Crystal Apple Cucumbers.

Bake Shop Bakes

The new additions to Bake Shop Bakes items last week were a huge success. Let me tell you, the loaves of homemade bread looked, and smelled, ABSOLUTELY amazing. I know I will personally be ordering a loaf or two myself. Not to mention some of the sweet goodies!!

It’s That Time of Year…

for the poison ivy, mosquitoes, sunburns and all sorts of skin irritations and bug pressure.

Instead of resorting to the chemically laden commercial products out there, why not try something healthier with many of the homemade products available through your online market?

Have a headache from the bright sunshine or from worrying about how to get everything done in a day’s time? Why not try some Headache Relief Salve made by Green"er" Acres Farm. Made with coconut oil, our own beeswax, and peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Simply rub a small amount on your forehead, temples, or back of neck at the first signs of a headache for a natural relief of most headaches.

Have an itchy rash, sunburn, excema or psoriasis? Plantain, the common backyard plant/weed, not the relative of the banana, has been used as a healing skin remedy a far back as the Native Americans. Plantain is considered helpful for: bee/wasp stings, spider bites, mosquito and other bug bites, poison ivy/poison oak/sumac,eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, diaper rash, and even pet’s “hot spots” Our plantain leaves are harvested from lawns not treated with chemicals.

Get into a patch of poison ivy? Cherry Hill Farm has you covered with their S.O.S. and Cup O’ Oats Goat’s Milk Soap.

“Bugged” by all those nasty little flying insects? Heritage Hills Farm can provide you with some relief with their all-natural bug repellent Skeeter Beater.
Witch hazel, lemon eucalyptus essential oil, REAL vanilla extract. 2 oz glass spray mist bottle Great for keeping nagging insects at bay, plus great for your skin!! Really works!!

Concerned about the increase in the incidence of ticks and tick-borne diseases like Lyme’s Disease? Why not try an all natural tick repellent? Heritage Hills Farm also offers their Tick Off Tick Repellent made with organic apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, rose geranium oil, and Virginia cedarwood. Safe for self and pets.

New Items from Bake Shop Bakes

New Bakery Items from Bake Shop Bakes

Bake Shop Bakes recently moved to Tyrone and opened their own Bakery/Cafe. With the expanded facility they are now offering a larger variety of baked goods.

We are now carrying their… Homemade Bread, Apple Dumplings, Brownies (Walnut and Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter), Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Blossoms and Snickerdoodles), Cinnamon Buns (Plain, Peanut Butter Frosting and Buttercream Frosting), and Donuts (Cinnamon Sugar, Custard Filled, Cream Filled and Glazed)

Check out this week’s video featuring their yummy goodness at:

Green"er" Acres Farm

New This Week… Green Peppers, Elephant Garlic, Mixed Radishes, Celeriac Root, Mexican Sour Gherkins (Cucamelons)and Crystal Apple Cucumbers, Red Raspberries

Return of… Swiss Chard, Snow Peas

And As Always… Green Onions, Garlic, Lettuce, Kale, Celery, Rhubarb, Fresh and Dried Herbs, Hydrosols, Homemade Bath & beauty and Home Cleaning Products, Headache Relief Salve, and Plantain Healing Salve and Plants.

Rispoli’s Produce

Red Romaine Lettuce, 3 varieties of Kale, Farm Fresh Brown Eggs and Honey

New This Week… Cucumbers and Zucchini

GreenSpace Microgreens

Dan and his family will be out of town for a while, we will let you know when they are back.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar

Ground Beef in 1 pound packages, a 10 pound pack of 1 pound packages and Ground Beef Patties, Chuck Roast, London Broil, Rib Steak, Sirloin Steak, Raw Milk in Gallon and Half Gallon, and Artisan Cheeses in more than 12 varieties.

New this week, and for a limited time… Vanilla Berry Cheese (strawberry, blueberry and vanilla)

Heritage Hills Farm

Chicken Wings, Legs, Breasts, Quarters, Whole Chickens, Chicken Carcasses, Hot Italian Sausage, Cherry Smoked Grinder Sauce, Colloidal Silver, Skeeter Beater and Tick Off.

Also taking Pre-orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys.

As Well As…

Goat’s Milk Soap from Cherry Hill Farm, Organic Sprouted Spelt (Wheat) Flour from Golden Farm Milling, Home Made Goodies from MeMaw’s Sweets & Treats, a full line of Dairy goods from Vale Wood Farms, and Hand Blended Loose Tea from The Skirted Soldier.

And don’t forget… Gift Certificates to Share to wealth of tasty goodness!!

Farm Fresh Produce & MORE

The online farm market is open again for this week’s ordering.

The 4th of July is Just Around the Corner

The annual celebration of our nation’s independence is often celebrated with barbecues and picnics with family and friends.

Be it hamburgers (available from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar) or sausages (available from Heritage Hills Farm) for the grill, eggs (from Rispoli’s Produce) for deviled eggs, cheese for your hamburgers or for a cheese tray (also available from Clover Creek), or iced tea in several flavors (available from Vale Wood Farms), we can supply many of your grocery needs for your family get-togethers. We also have a large selection of your spring vegetable needs.

Want some homemade sweets and goodies but don’t want to slave over a hot stove/oven? Bake Shop Bakes and MeMaw’s Sweet & Treats have you covered.

This Week’s Video

As announced last week, Green"er" Acres Farm is experimenting with distillation of their own essential oils and hydrosols. We have created a short video to show the set up and process, and explains what hydrosols are and how they can be used.

Check it out at:

NEW Product -- Peppermint Hydrosol

All NEW from Green"er" Acres Farm… We are now distilling our own essential oils from herbs grown on the farm. All herbs are herbicide and pesticide free. We use a steam distillation process to extract the oils from our plants. The by product of the distillation process provides us with what are known as hydrosols. It is the steam that is extracted with some of the properties of the plant material, meaning a less potent smell and flavor making it a safe alternative to essential oils. Can be used a fragrance or additive to natural, homemade home cleaning products or beauty products.

We will be posting a video of the distilling process with next week’s weblog.

Try yours today.

Market Open for Ordering

Lots of fresh goodness available this week. Nine different varieties of lettuce, fresh celery, green onions, kale, the last of the garlic scapes and some newly dug, fresh garlic. Also a few rutabaga, that was grown over-winter and now ready to be harvested.

And we have all the usual meats, eggs, dairy and more.

This Week in the Online Market

Microgreens are Back

Dan with GreenSpace Microgreens is back this week with Black Oil Sunflower Shoots. He states they will have other items available in the following weeks. Microgreens are a nutrient rich item that sells out fast. If you have been waiting for their return… Grab them quickly!

Updates from Green"er" Acres Farm

Green"er" Acres had some successful experiments in the high tunnel over the winter. Peas/Snow peas and lettuce that was seeded in October 2017 did amazingly well once the warmer weather began in February and March. By doing this, we were able to provide fresh salad greens and fresh peas the last few weeks. The heat of the last few weeks have unfortunately taken its toll on those crops and they have now been pulled due to bolting of the greens and the pea plants running out of energy. But don’t be down-hearted. We are currently cutting salad greens from an early spring planting, and we just seeded a new crop this week. We also have new pea and snow pea plants seeded and should be able to begin harvesting in a few weeks.

We will probably not have strawberries available from our own farm this year, as the excessive rains are creating problems with mold and rotting, not to mention the ones that have matured are being enjoyed by our resident chipmunk.

This week’s offerings from Green"er" Acres include LOTS of fresh herbs, salad greens, garlic scapes, celery, rhubarb, kale and a small amount of swiss chard (in yellow only).

Our early plantings of summer produce in the high tunnel are doing amazing and we have a few small green tomatoes on already (a little bigger than a golf ball) as well as a few cucumbers and mini-bell peppers.

From Rispoli’s Produce

Farm fresh brown eggs, salad greens, kale and their own honey.

From Clover Creek Cheese Cellar

Grass-fed ground beef in 1 pound packages, patties, and their popular 10 pound packages; raw milk, and awesome artisan cheeses.

From Vale Wood Farms

A full line of dairy products to include butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, French onion dip and more.

From Heritage Hills Farm

Whole chicken, chicken wings, legs, quarters, carcasses, pork products,cherry smoked grinder salt and colloidal silver.

From Golden Farm Milling

Their own Organic Sprouted Spelt (Wheat) Flour

From Cherry Hill Farm

Numerous varieties of goat’s milk soap

From The Skirted Soldier

Various varieties of hand blended loose tea

And for the Sweet Tooth

Bake Shop Bakes and MeMaw’s Sweets & Treats offers many items to cure that craving for homemade goodies just like grandma used to make

We Are Open -- New Items Added

Good morning all. We posted to our weblog yesterday but I am not sure if the email went out to everyone. We got a new computer over the weekend and have been working through some changes in operating systems.

The market IS open for this week’s ordering. We also have a few new items posted by Rispoli’s Produce.

Happy Graduation Time

Many of our local high school seniors are graduating (our youngest son’s graduation is today.) Join us in congratulating them and wishing them the best in the future.

The online market is now open for this week’s ordering. Come in and enjoy the freshest salad greens, sugar snap and snow peas, kale, rhubarb and fresh herbs, as well as meats, eggs, dairy and more.