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Produce Additions from Green"er" Acres

Clean Out Sale

Green"er" Acres Farm cleaned out their tomato production areas today and are offering the last of this summer’s tomatoes at rock bottom prices.

They have added the following:
Jumbo Great White Beefsteak Tomatoes
Yellow Beefsteak Tomato
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
1/2 pint of Jalapenos (9 peppers)
Pint of Mexican Midget Cherry Tomatoes
Quarts of Small Mixed Paste Tomatoes
Quarts of Small Heirloom Mixed Tomatoes
1 Quart Small Pineapple Tomatoes
Dad’s Sunset Tomatoes
More medium and large Big Beef Tomatoes
Quarts of Small Red Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes

If you have already ordered, you can always add these to your order or start another order.