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Spring Tea and Veggie Plants

Spring Tea and Veggie Plants

New this week:

* Sassafras root from Green"er" Acres Farm

Our highly-prized sassafras root is harvested in the spring from our own patch behind our house. Cleaned and dehydrated and stored. We enjoy this refreshing root as a tea that was used by Native Americans as a “spring tonic,” to “purify the blood of winter stagnation.” This shrub or small tree is the first plant to come to life in the spring. When brewed, it develops a pleasing red tea that is highly aromatic. We drink it not only in the spring, but all year.
(Brewing instructions are included with every purchase.)
Available in 4 ounce, 8 ounce and 1 pound.

* Veggie plants and Flower boxes from Rispoli’s Produce

Healthy veggie transplants to plant out in your gardens (if it ever stops raining) include yellow pear tomato plants, beefsteak tomato plants, and dinosaur, redbor and russian kale plants.
They also have beautiful blooming flower boxes.

* Apple Dumplings & Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Brownies

We are very proud and excited to introduce our newest producer to our line-up… Bake Shop Bakes. Andy has sold his yummy baked goods at many local farmers markets and stores for many years. He is now back and offering his delicious baked goods direct to you.
Fresh baked apple dumplings and chocolate chunk peanut butter brownies are delicious with fresh whipped cream, ice cream or refreshing milk.

* Bulk Packages of Grass-Fed Beef Still Available

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar continues to carry their 10 pound packages of their own grass-fed beef. Each pound individually wrapped and frozen.

* Temporarily Out of Stock of Hickory Smoked Salt

Heritage Hills Farm is sorry to announce that they are currently sold out of their Hickory Smoked Salt. Their smokehouse was damaged by fire a few weeks ago, but they are going to be rebuilding soon.

And don’t forget all of our other fabulous products such as eggs, pork, chicken, fresh produce, herbs, milk and cheese, and so much more.

Another Great Week of Farm Fresh Products

Another Great Week of Farm Fresh Products

We would like to thank everyone who ordered from us last week. We had a wonderful showing.

We are back this week with much of the same for you. We have added fresh oregano and bee balm as well as kale transplants this week.

We are currently in talks with a few other grower/producers who may be joining us in the next few weeks.

If you have enjoyed your farm fresh products, please pass the word along to your family, friends, co-workers, etc. We would love to add them to our free home and office delivery route. Where else in Bedford and Blair Counties are you going to find such amazing farm fresh products delivered to your home and office.

Spring Produce Has Arrived

So Many New Exciting Additions This Week

Due to an over-ordering for an event that was cancelled, THIS WEEK ONLY, Rispoli’s Produce Free-Range Brown Eggs are HALF PRICE. Just $1.98/dozen (no half dozens this week)

Rispoli’s Produce is also offering fresh spinach, rhubarb, lemon balm and mint, as well as Borage transplants. Borage is an edible flower that tastes similar to cucumber. Delightful in salads for a cucumber flavor and pretty purple-blue flower.

Heritage Hills Farm now has the products up on The Market. Items include lard, smoked and cured bacon, ground pork, ham slices and pork chops from their Large Black Hogs. Farm Fresh Eggs.Half and Whole Chicken. Pre-orders for your Thanksgiving Turkey. Maple Syrup. Hisckory Smoked Real Salt. And their farm crafted handmade soap and deodorant.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar continues to carry their award winning artisan cheeses, raw milk, and grass-fed beef.

And Green"er" Acres Farm continues their blow-out sale on their remaining pork products. They also carry their own honey, fresh and dried herbs, asparagus, and spinach.

Visit Us At Penn State Altoona This Week

Visit Us At Penn State Altoona for Ag Awareness Day This Week

We invite everyone to come out and visit us and our fellow growers at Penn State Altoona on Thursday April 20 from 10am-2pm for Ag Awareness Day. Located in and around the Slep Student Center.

Stop by to learn more about the College of Agricultural Sciences, view student presentations, and displays, and see some of Altoona’s clubs and organization’s in action. You can browse local products at the Farmer’s Market, eat free Berkey Creamery ice cream, and take a camel ride!

Be sure to bring a box of cereal to support the Cereal Drive which benefits the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry.

We will soon have asparagus and rhubarb to add to the market. Many of our other fresh herbs will also soon be large enough to harvest.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar announced that they are currently sold out of Pirate Blue and will possibly be returning the end of May.

We announced last week the addition of Heritage Hills Farm as a new grower. They suffered a fire in their smokehouse the day we made the announcement and have been dealing with that. They will be adding their products in the near future. Please stay tuned.

Busy Days and Bright Sunshine

Beautiful day on the farm today. Sun was shining,nice breeze, and lots of productive work accomplished.

We took a lot of pictures today of our gardens and the progress they are making. Although we are unable to upload the pictures to this blog, we welcome you to visit our facebook page and view our newsletter for more details at

This week we are pleased to introduce you to our newest grower. Mike & Kerri Stoltz of Heritage Hills Farm in Duncansville,PA join us and will be adding their items shortly. You can check out their info on Our Growers page.

This week we have our fresh spinach and green onions, fresh rosemary, thyme and chives, dried herbs, free range brown eggs,raw milk and artisan cheeses, goat’s milk soap, pork and grass-fed beef, and much more.

10 pack Ground Beef is Back & Fresh Herbs and Produce

10 pack Ground Beef is Back & Fresh Herbs and Produce

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is again offering their 10 pound of Ground Beef again. Comes in 10 individually wrapped 1 pound packages. Great for stocking your freezer.

Farm Fresh Free Range Brown Eggs available from Rispoli’s Produce.

Spring is finally feeling like it may be here to stay (despite a few cold nights.) With it comes some of our first fresh herbs and produce. Right now Green"er" Acres Farm has the first of their spring green onions,fresh chives, thyme and rosemary, and fresh spinach.

The rhubarb is just starting to come up and asparagus should be starting before too long.

Update from the Farms

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is currently out of stock of Honduran Harvest. They are expecting their peppers this week, and will hopefully have the Honduran Harvest back the beginning of April.

Spinach is unavailable this week, but will be back soon. With the beginning of the season, it is a little slow in growth,but will pick up soon. We do have a large quantity of fresh rosemary. Check out the latest recipe added to our Recipes section for Rosemary Roasted Potatoes.

Our farm and several of our partner growers are currently starting our plants for this growing season. Green"er" Acres Farm has already started over 150 tomato plants (and will soon be starting 50 more), 120 sweet pepper and 28 hot pepper plants, as well as eggplant,okra, spinach and lettuce.

Spring is definitely in the air and we are prepping our growing areas. Produce will soon be abundant.

New Products & Change in Milk Price

Spring is finally here (even though there is still some snow on ground here at the farm.) It is time to start thinking of fresh produce and locally grown products.

We greatly appreciate our current customers but would like your help in getting the word out to your friends, neighbors and relatives.

Spring means we will be soon having early produce such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb,fresh herbs and much more. Check out our market each week to see what is new.

This week we will have fresh rosemary again and will have a small amount of young spinach (both grown in our high tunnels)

Green"er" Acres Farm has also added a few new items to the Bath & Body and Cleaning Products Categories: Homemade Laundry Detergent, Dishwasher Detergent, Room Sprays, Body Sprays, and Bath Blends.

Due to cost of production, Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is increasing the price of their half gallons by $0.50.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar writes the following:

Thank you to all of our milk customers who have supported our local family farm in purchasing our raw milk. We are not changing the price of our raw milk

However, we’ve come to realize over the past year that we were not covering our costs when we sold half gallons. We have to pay the same price per jug for gallon or half gallon jugs. Half gallons also take a longer time to fill when we are jugging.

We are increasing the price on our half-gallons to allow us to continue selling them and to cover the extra costs.



And don’t forget to add somefree-range brown eggs from Rispoli’s Produce.

Raw Milkis BACK

Raw Milk is BACK!!

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar has re-introduced their raw milk. A top seller. Order some today and taste the difference for yourself.
We also continue to carry free-range brown eggs, thanks to Rispoli’s Produce, and our own raw honey.
New this week, fresh Rosemary. Over-winterered in our high tunnel, it has an amazing piney fragrance. Pairs well with all types of meat or baked in your favorite bread.

March is National Nutrition Month

Happy Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. A month that the National Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics has set aside to educate Americans about healthy eating and healthy living. You can find the fact sheet “17 Health Tips for 2017” at their website

We at Green"er" Acres Farm and our partner growers feel that the best and easiest way to eat healthy is to buy and use as much of our groceries as possible from local, trustworthy growers.

Although it is still cold out there and produce is not in abundance in our area at this time of year, there are still healthy dietary options available locally.

In our marketplace, we currently have grassfed beef, home-raised pork, free-range brown eggs, local raw honey, dried herbs and more. Produce will be added as it becomes available, so check back often.