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Happy Memorial Day

The market is open for this week’s online ordering.

Please see this week’s video, featuring facts about Memorial Day

And remember Green"er" Acres Farm is a veteran owned & operated business and sources from other veteran owned business.

Rain, Rain, Go Away !!

The Struggle is Real

This gloomy, rainy weather not only lowers our spirits; it makes it very difficult for the farmers to get their crops in the ground. We have been trying to get things in the ground, but Mother Nature is definitely making it a challenge. Let’s say a prayer for some nice sunny, breezy weather to help dry out the fields a bit.

In The Market This Week

Heritage Hills is now carrying Salad Dressings/Marinades again, bottled by Village Eatinghouse. The “Best Dressing Ever.”

As well as their amazing pork products such as Sweet Italian Sausage, Savory Sage Sausage Rope, Kielbassa, and Hot Italian Sausage; and Chicken Legs and Carcasses. Not to mention their free range fresh pastured Eggs.

They also have Beeswax Wraps (a natural alternative to plastic wraps), Cherry Smoked Himalayan Grinder Salt, Colloidal Silver, Live and Active Scoby (for making Kombucha Tea), Skeeter Beater (All natural bug repellent), and Tick Off Tick Repellent.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar has their 10 pound packages of Ground Beef back in stock, just in time to stock your freezer for summer grilling. They also carry 1 pound packages and patties, as well as other select cuts of beef.

They carry more than 10 artisan cheeses, including the return of their Pirate Blue and Honduran Harvest.

And don’t forget their awesome and nutritious Raw Milk.

Green"er" Acres Farm has lots of new Fresh Herbs, to include Parsley, Lemonbalm, Oregano, Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry Mint, Rosemary,and Sage; three varieties of Kale, to include Blue Curled Scotch, Red Russian and White Russian; Garlic Scapes, Romanesco Broccoli (spiraled, light green head), Cauliflower, Sugar Snap Peas and Colored Snow Peas, Rhubarb, and the last of this year’s Asparagus.

Potted Red Raspberry Plants, Aloe Vera Plants and Wandering Jew Hanging Baskets.

And as usual…

Cherry Hills Farm has their Goat’s Milk Soap.

Golden Farms Malting has their Certified Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour.

Jamboree Farm has their Brown Eggs and Plants.

Rispoli’s Produce has their Brown Eggs and Honey.

The Skirted Soldier has their delicious Hand Blended Loose Teas.

Vale Wood Farms have their full selection of awesome Dairy Products.

And for your sweet tooth… Bake Sop Bakes carries Apple Dumplings and Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Brownies, and MeMaw’s Sweets & Treats carries a variety of Baked Goods.

This Weeks Segment of Our Video Series

A short stroll through the emerging herb gardens at Green"er" Acres Farm

Happy Mother's Day -- Market Open

Happy Mother’s Day to All

We hope that you are enjoying your day today.

Market Is Now Reopen For The Week

Spring produce in stock: asparagus, snow peas (Shell peas will be ready in a week or so), three varieties of kale, asparagus, rhubarb, salad mix and lots of new fresh herbs.

This is the last week for potted herb plants. What is not sold this week will be going into our herb gardens next week.

We have lots of red raspberry plants and now hanging baskets of Wandering Jews.

And as always we have lots of other goods such as meats, eggs, dairy, honey, hand-blended teas, bath and body and much more.

Spring continues

No video this week as we have been spending our spare time with weeding and planting.

Most of the inventory remains the same. A few new items this week: Yellow and Purple Snow Peas, Fresh Rosemary and Red Raspberry Plants.

Market is now open for this week’s ordering.

This Week's Video

We did not get this week’s video produced in time for the weekly weblog, so here it is now….
A short tour of where your food and farm goods come from. Enjoy!

Back At It Again

We Are Back Open

Thank you everyone for the understanding, thoughts and prayers while I was in the hospital. I am back on my feet (so to speak) and getting back to business. If you had placed an order for delivery on 4/20/18, it was deleted since I was unable to pick up and deliver that week. You are more than welcome to reorder those items if they are still available. I am unable to bring up those orders since they were deleted.

No Longer Sending Out Product Listings

We will no longer be sending out the entire product listings with our weekly weblog, as I have been informed by a few customers that with over 160 products it bogs down their email. I will try to highlight the products offered here in the weblog and you will have to go to the website to see all the individual items listed.

Beef Back In Inventory From Clover Creek

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar has beef back in stock on the market. Available in 1 pound ground beef, 1 pound beef patties, and their popular 10 pound bag to stock your freezer (10 individually packaged 1 pound packs)

They are unfortunately currently out of Honduran Harvest, Pirate Blue, Smokin’ Rodeo, and Tussey Mountain artisan cheeses, but will be making more soon. They have many more varieties to choose from including the recently added Aged and Grated (similar to Parmesan.)

And don’t forget their chuck roast, London broil, rib steak, sirloin steak, and of course, their amazing raw milk.

Vale Wood Farms

And speaking of dairy, Vale Wood Farms offers a full line of dairy products for you including non-fat, 1%, 2% and whole milk, chocolate and strawberry milk, buttermilk, half & half, heavy/whipping cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, French onion dip, butter, and flavored butters (cinnamon brown sugar and garlic herb), as well as orange juice and teas.

Heritage Hills Farm

Brown eggs from free range chickens, chicken legs and wings, a variety of pork sausages and kielbassa, beeswax wraps, cherry smoked grinder salt, and colloidal silver.

Rispoli’s Produce

Farm fresh brown eggs and their own local honey.

Jamboree Farm

Free range brown eggs and morning glory hanging pots.

Green"er" Acres Farm

Fresh produce to include kale (blue curled Scotch, white and red Russian,) green onions, spinach, turnips, Swiss chard, salad mix and herb plants. As well as sassafras root for tea, homemade healing salves and cleaning products and aloe plants.

Golden Farms Malting

Certified organic sprouted spelt wheat flour.

The Skirted Soldier

A large variety of hand blended loose leaf tea blends, including a variety pack so that you can try every variety.

Cherry Hill Farm

A fragrant variety of goat’s milk soap with healthy skin benefits.

And For Your Sweet Tooth

Bake Shop Bakes carries apple dumplings and chocolate chunk peanut butter brownies. And MeMaw’s Sweets and Treats has a variety of sweet goodness.

Hope to see you this week!

Market Reopens This Week

Just a short note to everyone to let you know we will be reopening the online market tomorrow. We will send out our weekly email tomorrow to let you know when we are ready for ordering. Please no early orders, as we are updating our inventory.

No Market This Week

We have to apologize, but ww will not be having market this week. I was hoping to be home by Monday, but am now scheduled for an MRI Monday and further treatment will depend on the results. Will keep you posted.

Spring and Snow?

Spring produce continues as last week. Again in limited quantities.

Can you believe they are calling for snow the beginning of this week? It is springtime in central Pennsylvania.

These things being said… now is a time for some education. We at Green"er" Acres Farm love to teach as much as grow. We also believe strongly in supporting LOCAL agriculture. For these reasons, we only sell items in our marketplace that are grown and/or produced right here in the Southern Alleghenies region. We will never buy from auctions and pass those items off as our own. And for those reasons you will see lulls in some produce items due to the weather conditions. We are blessed to raise some items in a high tunnel through the winter, which allows us to have a small jump on the spring season, but with the roller coaster ride of temperatures recently and the weeks of lots of rain and snow, a lot of the grounds that we all plant into are not quite ready for planting. And we are a few weeks away yet from our anticipated last frost date for our area.

Eating locally is definitely a lesson in seasonality. (You will be hard pressed to find decent tasting tomatoes in Central PA in winter time, even with heated greenhouses.) It is also a lesson on food availability, as you will not see items like bananas and pineapple, as they are not grown here in our area. We do our best to push the limits by using season extension methods and alternative growing methods, but we are still slaves to Mother Nature.

Be assured the seasons will soon stabilize (hopefully) and full time growing will start again. Many of us have greenhouses and grow rooms full of plants waiting to go out to their summer homes. We are as anxious as you are.

No video this week, stay tuned for next week.

Spring Produce in Limited Quantities

Spring Produce Back on the Menu

We have limited quantities of some spring produce back in stock. Kale in three varieties, mixed salad greens, green onions, and spinach. We also have herb plants still available.

Video of the Week

Featuring Cherry Hill Farm

This week’s video features a long time friend and farmer, Beth Futrick and Cherry Hill Farm. Beth and her family raise met goats and some produce to include cherries. After the goat have had their babies, they take some of the milk to make soap. By adding lye and locally-sourced lard and some natural coloring and fragrance, a few simple ingredients are turned into beautiful bars of goat’s milk soap.

See their short video at the link below: