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Return to Fall

After another warm spell, we are returning to fall this week (and finally lots of rain after a long, dry spell.)

Green"er" Acres Farm sold the last of this summer’s tomatoes last week, but still carries chestnuts, Kieffer pears, raw local honey, elephant garlic, kale, candy onions, cooking onions, swiss chard, sweet banana peppers, red and green sweet peppers, jalapeno and ghost peppers, fresh & dried herbs, chamomile tea bags,sassafras root for tea, lard, plantain healing salve, Love Potion Body Spray and Sensual Bath Blend, Orange Spice Room Spray.

Rispoli’s Produce, we are currently waiting for an update to their listings and will post them as soon as available.

Jamboree Farm is now offering grapes, beets, celery and green beans.

Heritage Hills currently has bacon and pork chops, lard, deodorant and sensitive skin deodorant. In a few weeks they will be adding various sausages and kielbasa, and in mid-November they will have chicken back on the website. Stay posted.

Golden Farms Malting (formerly Appalachia Malting) carries Certified Organic Spelt (Wheat) and Buckwheat flours, both regular and sprouted.

Weyant Vegetable Farm harvested the last of the 2017 sweet corn last week, but they still have pumpkins for sale.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar currently has ground beef in 1 pound packages, 4 pack of patties and 10 pound packages (10 1 pound packages), raw milk in half gallons and gallons, and 12 varieties of artisan cheeses (alpha & Omega – feta, Bruschedda – basil, garlic and tomato cheddar, Clover – mild cheddar, Four Leaf – aged cheddar, Galen’s Good Old – Gouda, Honduran Harvest – Asiago with Habeneros and cilantro, Pirate Blue – blue cheese, Royer Mountain – alpine style parmesan/romano, Smoked Galen’s – smoked Gouda, Tussey Mountain – aged Emmenthaler Swiss, Uncle Joe’s – aged asiago, and Wild Mushroom – chanterelle and chive flavored cheddar.

Vale Wood Farms carries a large, full line of dairy products to include nonfat, 1%, 2% and whole milk in quarts, half gallons and gallons, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, buttermilk, half & half, heavy/whipping cream, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and French onion dip. As well as 100% Florida orange juice in quart and half gallon, regular and diet lemon flavored iced tea, green tea, raspberry iced tea, lemonade tea cooler, orange drink and lemonade.

Bake Shop Bakes always has apple dumplings and Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Brownies.

Cherry Hill Farm carries a line of goat’s milk soap to include Clove, Cup O’ Oats, Honeysuckle, Plain Jane, S.O.S, and Spearmint.

GreenSpace Microgreens is still on vacation, we will keep you posted.