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Online Market is still OPEN !!

Online Market is still OPEN !!

Yes, we are still open. We had our first frost this morning, but we still have produce available. Our peppers and tomatoes are in a protected environment, so we continue to have sweet peppers and some tomatoes, although supplies are limited. We also have cold hardy produce such as kale and swiss chard.

We also still carry potatoes, onions and garlic which are storage crops. As well as chestnuts, sweet corn, pumpkins and more.


Green"er" Acres Farm will be soon selling fresh horseradish root, they are waiting for two more frosts before they dig it up. It will come as a bare root since they can not process it at the farm for retail as ground horseradish, as they do not have a certified kitchen.

Winter Produce On the Way

Green"er" Acres Farm has started their winter produce such as lettuce and spinach and onions already and will be starting carrots, beets, turnips and more in the coming weeks.