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Some Changes to Current Inventory

Changes to Current Inventory

Corn, Half Bushels of Canning Tomatoes and Pickling Cucumbers Currently Out of Stock

  • Weyant Vegetable Farm regretfully announces about a two week shortage of sweet corn. They have corn planned through October; however, the next variety is lagging behind by a few weeks due to the unseasonable weather patterns. We will announce when corn is available again.
  • Green"er" Acres Farm is also noticing changes with tomato production due to the weather patterns. They still have tomatoes available for ordering; however, not in the canning quantities.
  • Rispoli‚Äôs Produce also announced there is a temporary shortage in pickling cucumbers, but will have more in a few weeks.
  • Heritage Hills Farm is currently sold out of chicken breasts and thighs, but still has wings, half and whole chicken.

Change in Name and Size of Product

  • Appalachia Malting has changed their name to Golden Farms Milling. Same great company and product, just a new name. They have also changed from 3 pound bags to 5 pound bags. There is a corresponding change in price, but the great news is that it is actually cheaper per pound than previously.
    Baking season is soon upon us, so why not try a more healthy, organic product for your baking needs.