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A Rainbow of Colored Tomatoes!!

Nothing Says Summer Like Vine-Ripened Tomatoes

Tomatoes In A Rainbow of Colors

Here at Green"er" Acres Farm, tomatoes are our specialty. We save much of our own seed to breed the best of the best in our tomatoes. We have many heirloom varieties and a few old standards.

Choose from Reds (Big Beef, Red Brandywine and the brick red Paul Robeson), Oranges (Dad’s Sunset), Yellows (Yellow Beefsteak or Yellow Brandywine), Greens for fried green tomatoes, and Purples/Browns (Cherokee Purple, Black Krim and Pink Berkley Tie Dye).

We also have a Great White Tomato for those who like their tomatoes sweeter and with less acid.

And then there is the tomato that is a rainbow all in itself; the Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple). It is green with streaks of red and yellow not only on the skin but all the way through. It’s flavor is complex, both sweet and smoky. One of our all-time favorites.

And did I mention paste tomatoes? Paste tomatoes are some of the best choices if you are making your own homemade sauces. We have a large, beefy one named Opalka and a striking large red one with gold stripes named Striped Roman. We also have a new variety that we received as a ‘Trial Paste’ variety that we grew out this year. It developed into a beautiful ruffled tomato that almost resembles a short, squat red mini-pumpkin.

And finally are our cherry tomatoes in all colors of the rainbow. We currently sell them as a mix so that you can try all the different varieties. As they begin to produce more heavily, we will offer the individual varieties separately as well.

Tomato Salad!!

So now that you have your tomatoes, why don’t you grab some candy onions and chop them both up and mix them. Now simply add a flavorful Italian dressing for a simple salad. We carry the “Best Dressing Ever”, from Village Eatinghouse (distributed by Heritage Hills Farm) in many varieties of Italian dressing, everything from ‘Bright & Tangy’, to ‘Sweet & Sour’ to ‘Bold & Sassy’ to ‘Sultry & Smoky’.
Summer at it’s finest!

And Let’s Not Forget The Other Summertime Favorite — SWEET CORN

Picked fresh the morning of delivery, we offer sweet corn from Weyant Vegetable Farm. Some of the BEST sweet corn out there. Quantities are unlimited. Available in half dozen and full dozens for your evening meal or by the box (4 dozen) for freezing or canning.