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New This Week -- Green Peppers, Candy Onions, Green Tomatoes and More

New This Week — Green Peppers, Candy Onions, Green Tomatoes and More

Green And Flavorburst Peppers

The first of our peppers. Big dark green sweet peppers and a true customer favorite — Flavorburst pepper. The Flavorburst pepper starts out a pleasing lime green and eventually develops into a beautiful peach color. Has a sweet flavor with a faint citrus/fruity overtone.

Candy Onions Have Begun

Our candy onions are finally developing their size. We have them in white, yellow and red/purple. All are sweet onions, best used for fresh use. Sweet onions do not have the storage life of cooking onions.

Green Tomatoes Are Ready

I know we are anxiously awaiting the first red tomatoes, but green tomatoes have their worth as well. We have big, beautiful green tomatoes just waiting to be turned into delicious Fried Green Tomatoes or Green Tomato Relish.

Carrots, Beets, Mixed Salad Greens

We have mixed carrots (orange, yellow, white, and purple)packaged in a convenient bunch to try all of our varieties.

We also have several varieties of beets to offer. All from the standard red beet, to the Golden Beet which has the same earthy beet flavor without the red bleeding, to the striking Chioggia Beet that has alternating red and white rings.

And, if have tried and liked our salad greens, we have a culinary treat for you this week. We will be making mixed salad greens for you this week. A mix of green, red and mottled greens. This mix will make a truly show-stopping salad.