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    The Skirted Soldier Summer Salute- Orange Creme Blend
    Grower: The Skirted Soldier
    Price: $6.00 ( 12 servings to include 12 diffuser bags )
    Available (Exact): 4

    Summer salute orange creme is a refreshing blend of sweet orange Shou Mei white tea, real orange peel pieces and ... more
    Tick Off Tick Repellent
    Grower: Heritage Hills Farm
    Price: $8.40 ( 2 ounce glass bottle )
    Available (Exact): 2

    all natural tick repellent organic apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, rose geranium oil, virginia cedarwood. safe for self and pets more
    Uncle Joe's Artisan Cheese
    Grower: Clover Creek Cheese Cellar
    Price: $4.80 ( 1/2 pound wedge )
    Available (Exact): 25

    Our aged asiago. Our children’s Uncle Joe offered us a bottle of homemade wine for a special finish, so we ... more
    Vanilla Yogurt
    Grower: Vale Wood Farms
    Price: $2.99 ( 16 oz. )
    Available (Estimated): 24
       View Recipes

    Vale Wood Farms own vanilla Yogurt
    Walnut Brownie (Single)
    Grower: Bake Shop Bakes
    Price: $1.00 ( 1 brownie )
    Available (Exact): 10

    Delicious, home made Walnut Brownies
    Walnut Brownies (9 pk)
    Grower: Bake Shop Bakes
    Price: $5.99 ( 1 9pk )
    Available (Exact): 10

    Delicious, home made Walnut Brownies
    Wandering Jew 10" Hanging Basket
    Grower: Green"er" Acres Farm
    Price: $12.00 ( one 10" hanging pot )
    Available (Exact): 4

    Potted houseplant, Wandering Jew, in 10 inch hanging pot. Beautiful vining plant that quickly fills in a pot. Anywhere the ... more
    Wild Mushroom Artisan Cheese
    Grower: Clover Creek Cheese Cellar
    Price: $4.80 ( 1/3 pound wedge )
    Available (Exact): 13

    Our chanterelle and chive flavored cheddar. We make a sweet and creamy stirred curd cheddar style and mix in handpicked ... more