Harvesting Just for You

Here at Green"er" Acres Farm, we are trying to make your farm product shopping as personalized and fresh as possible. Our new model will allow us to pick specifically for your orders. Don’t want kale this week, no kale. Want everything in tomatoes, that is what you will receive.

Our new CSA model is more like an “A La Carte” shopping experience. Simply pay $50 membership fee annually, and you will have unlimited access to our fine list of products, year-round. It is like going to your local farmers’ market without leaving your armchair.

What kind of growing practices do you use?

  • We use the most sustainable methods possible in growing our produce. We do not knowingly grow any GMO varieties and avoid the use of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones. (Any crops raised using synthetic herbicides will be noted as such) We also raise many heirloom varieties of produce and specialize in the unusual colors, sizes and shapes of produce available, such as purple green beans, purple and white carrots, tiny Mexican Sour Gherkins, baby Blue Hubbard Squash, personal size butternut squash,and much more.

  • Where do the items I select come from?

  • All products listed here are grown, raised and/or made here at Green"er" Acres Farm, unless otherwise specified. We are partnering with other fine local growers/producers to offer you items that we do not currently offer from our farm. If an item is sourced from another grower/producer (such as our fine line of Goat Milk Soap, produced by Cherry Hill Farm), that will be identified in the items listing. Each of our grower/producers are also listed under the "Our Growers’ tab.

  • What does the Homegrown By Heroes/PA Preferred logo on your website mean?

  • The Homegrown By Heroes logo is a national labeling initiative that represents that the grower/producer is a military veteran. Our owner, Cathie Dibert, is an Army Veteran who served during the first Gulf War.

  • The PA Preferred logo symbolizes that the item is made or produced in Pennsylvania.

  • The combined logo provides you, the customer, proof that the item you are buying was made or produced locally in Pennsylvania by a veteran.